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Growing Griots of Maryland Story Concert

African American youth trained by traditional griots will present a
program of traditional and historical tales. We will also hear about
their innovative literacy learning program. Q&A to follow. This
program is aimed at people from ages 10 to 110.

According to their website: “In 1998, the Griots’ Circle of Maryland,
Inc. affiliate of the National Association of Black Storytellers
(NABS) organized and implemented a youth component known as the
Growing Griots. The intent of this group was to develop “African Oral
Tradition” Youth Tellers. The original Growing Griots were children of
Griots’ Circle of Maryland and National Association of Black
Storytellers adult members. The youngsters shared in the African Oral
Traditional locally, statewide and nationally.” Learn more about
Growing Griots and their literacy program at their website.)

Register for this event, via Zoom:

Presented by Celebrating the African Spirit.